About Us

Amanda and Gavin are small scale farmers near Masterton retailing forage using the brand Riverside Forage and providing hay baling services through E Toru Nga Totara Ltd.

In English, E Toru Nga Totara means three totaras. We settled on this name for our company because the hard, straight grained characteristic of totara timber and its durability evoke the traits which we try to bring to the way we farm. In managing our small farm we focus our attention on three key areas: firstly, managing our soil in a manner that builds soil health; secondly, nurturing diverse pastures that can thrive in our environment; and thirdly, building our knowledge of the needs and expectations of our customers.

Riverside Forage products are based on the best pasture that we can grow, harvested at the right time in their growing cycle and stored safely to maintain quality.

We focus on lifestyle farmers with a passion for nurturing their livestock and pets. We farm on a small scale and so we understand the constraints that lifestyle farmers face.

Gavin and Amanda were born and raised in the Wairarapa and they have returned after an absence of 35 years.