Hay and Baleage

Riverside Forage is available as baleage and hay; in both cases the bale is the so called conventional rectangular bale. A bale of hay is typically 18 to 22 kg and a bale of baleage is 38 to 42kg. Riverside Forage products are based on the best pasture that we can grow, harvested at the right time in their growing cycle and stored safely to maintain quality.

We have a number of options for you if you wish to buy Riverside Forage products:

Anytime Sales We can provide you with hay and baleage anytime from our store - while stocks last. You are buying on the ‘spot market’. You can pick up in Masterton or we can deliver for a per bale fee.

Feed Supply Contract We can work with you at the beginning of the hay season to establish your needs for hay and baleage and agree a contract price. You can pick up in Masterton or we can deliver for a per bale fee.

Flexible Storage If you cannot store all of the hay that you need in your shed – a common problem for lifestyle farmers – we can store it for you and then deliver it as you need it.

Advice If you have other needs that we might be able to help with, please ask.

Hay and baleage are both produced from pasture but with different means of preservation. To explain: baleage is pasture in a bale with an airtight wrap. Inside the wrapped bale the sugars in the pasture are converted into lactic acid by bacteria. It is the lactic acid which preserves the pasture. Losses in feeding value during fermentation will be small and the final baleage will be only slightly lower in feeding value than the original pasture.

Hay is pasture that has been dried by the sun after being cut at the right time in its growing cycle. The grass must dry down to 18 to 22 percent moisture before it can be baled.

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